#02 LAND-(WIRT)SCHAFT: an invitation

17 November 2018, 9.00 – 16.00
at Frötscherhof.

We shape our landscapes and our landscapes shape us.

This is the second co-design workshop from muu-baa, an agri-cultural network of explorations. Sign up now for to secure your free place.

This workshop* focuses on dynamic farming and building practices forming the landscape by opening up diverse perspectives and scoping opportunities. Farmers will have an opportunity to pitch specific ideas for landscape or architectural projects and work with designers, artists and others to develop concepts. By bringing together diverse participants we hope to generate fruitful collaborations.

*Workshop facilitation will be mainly in German and English.

BENEFITS of attending:

  • Get up to speed on contemporary issues on farm architecture and landscape
  • Get a “bottom-up” perspective
  • Meet diverse professionals
  • Get creative input for your ideas
  • Learn about the new muu-baa network and meet members
  • Enjoy a convivial setting on a farm with delicious complementary local food and drink

9.00 Registration and welcoming drink and cake
9.30 Introduction
9.40 Speed dating
10.10 Diverse voices and perspectives: from farmers, architects, designers/artists, and other professionals about the landscape/architecture/farming themes.
11.10 Coffee break
11.30 Ideas 01: Ideas Café
12.30 Three-course lunch of local food. Short introduction by the chef, Christiane Gruber.
13.30 Collective work
14.30 Ideas 02: Concepts Café.
15.50 Closing Discussion
16.00 END

To reserve a place (maximum of 25 participants), please click here or email info@muu-baa.org.

Hosts: Fam. Anna und Sepp Jocher
Frötscherhof 174 / Mellaun
39042 Brixen/St. Andrä
Südtirol/Alto Adige