1st World Congress on Agritourism

Today, an international conference, hosted by EURAC Research, kicks off in Bozen-Bolzano, Südtirol/Alto Adige, Italy, exploring the multi-faceted dimensions of agritourism. Long seen as a means for diversification on the farm, agritourism offers opportunities to provide on-farm touristic activities to supplement income and maintain the viability of farms and rural communities. In South Tyrol, agritourism has a tradition reaching back to the 19th century. Today 14% of farms in the province offer tourism services that contribute to maintaining agricultural resources, traditions and cultures. Worldwide, many regions are embracing agritourism by: on the ground examples; exchanging knowledge and perspectives from diverse cultures; and, by being exposed to new practices. The 1st World Congress on Agritourism promises to be an exciting three days.