Book Designer, Exhibition Designer and Photographer Wanted

muu-baa is growing! New actions are fermenting in our network.

We are looking for:

a photographer and videomaker to document Tangible Farm-Fictions explorations, where artists, designers and farmers will act and work together on the field, in South Tyrol, between November to December 2019.
The photographer will be asked to capture from 10 to 20 two-minute interviews to be uploaded on muu-baa website as short stories; a ten-minute video of Tangible Farm-Fictions; produce still photography documentation of the projects on the farms.
All details here.

A book designer,  for the layout of the anthology “Field Explorations: Practicing agri-cultures through design- and art-based interventions”, a collection of texts and case-studies on art, design and agriculture that will be published next year.
See the call here.

An exhibition and communication designer for one-week exhibition on muu-baa’s activities and “What Could a Farm Be?” research outcomes, in Bozen-Bolzano, in February 2020. The show will contain artefacts and documentation from Tangible Farm-Fictions, results of 6 co-design workshops, a space for talks and a place for conviviality. More details here.

Deadline for the calls is 31 October 2019.