Astrid Weiss

Astrid Weiss is head of the innovation department of the South Tyrolean Farmers’ Association and responsible for promoting innovation in South Tyrolean agriculture. She works on systemic innovation projects, coordinates innovation consultations and strengthens the transfer of information via various channels and networks. Her focus is on the diversification of agricultural production, new business areas and trends and their impact on the agricultural sector. It also sees itself as a bridge between science and practice. Her background is an economics degree with a focus on innovation management in a master’s degree, more than 5 years of professional experience in applied research at Fraunhofer, hobby photographer and painter.


Astrid is hungry for learning and inspired by nature, art and technology; she seeks interdisciplinary exchange and open-minded people with the will to make a positive contribution to the sustainable development of agriculture and society as a whole.


Astrid offers experience in applied research, team building, project management and project concept development. She has several years of management and cooperation experience. It is very well networked with local and international actors in the fields of agriculture, technology development, research and public funding.