Territorial Branding in the Alpine Region, Eurac 13-14 May












Branding and marketing policies, especially in the agri-food sector, to what extent and from what perspective do they favour the territory to which they refer?

Do the recognition of a territorial identity, transmitted through product branding, and the orientation towards “typification” bring real benefit to this complex entity called “territory”?

Which are the beneficiaries and which are the parameters that define the value of a strategy? What are the economic and development paradigms of actions dedicated to territorial development through the marketing of “local” products?

On 13-14 May, the important conference Territorial Branding in the Alpine Region, part of the programme of Action Group 6, subgroup 2 “Future-oriented farming and forestry” of EU-Strategy for the Alpine Region (EUSALP), will be held at the Eurac Research Institute.

Such a conference can only be expected to deal with these issues with criticality and, to the extent of its structure, type of audience and speakers, to give space to the antagonisms and conflicts inevitably involved in the theme.

The most restless minds could also ask about the effects of branding linked to the idea of “mountain”, how this modifies the imaginary and the ways to perceive and live a set of places defined as Alpine.

Without a doubt, it will be useful to draw on the debate of an international round table on concepts and strategies dedicated to transnational territorial specificity, in a context of research and development.

All that remains is to take part in the discussion and to take advantage of the so open Alpine space.